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Referendum to Change Georgia City Name Up for Vote
Voters to decide if McDonough gets new identity in November

City of McDonough signage may be getting a facelift soon.

(Monday, April 1, 2019) - Nearly 200 years after its founding, the City of McDonough, Georgia may soon have a name change.

Many downtown McDonough buildings are getting a facelift. New businesses are opening. City leaders recently decided it was the perfect opportunity to do some rebranding.

Based on surveys and interviews conducted by a private public relations firm hired by the city, the primary finding was that very few people could pronounce McDonough correctly.

"Four out of five people call it 'McDunna.' It's very frustrating," said Heidi Clare, a spokesperson for the city. "We might as well embrace it."

Voters will have the final decision on the proposal this November when a special ballot referendum will ultimately decide if the City of McDonough changes to the City of McDunna. 

Taxpayer watchdog groups are already calling into question the potential cost involved, which could run into the millions of dollars, including changing all community signage, updating city maps, notifying emergency responders, switching street signs, notifying mapping companies and informing the U.S. Postal Service and other package delivery services.

"In addition to the sentimental or historical attachment a resident may have to the old city name, each will also be required to change his or her address with friends, family, and business contacts to ensure timely mail delivery, and may incur additional expenses associated with the change such as the replacement of personalized stationery or address plaques," says community advocate Kerry Okie. "This just seems like a total waste of money over something very silly."

The referendum comes up for vote November 5, 2019.


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